Treehouse Farm

Cannabis Cooperative on Moku o Keawe in Wao o Kele


Help us help more patients access safe and free Cannabis medicine.

There’s no place else in the world like Wao Kele o Puna. We feel blessed to be in this forest. You might feel similarly if you come out for a visit. Treehouse Farm is the perfect setting for healing and relaxing, and we will continue to offer free services to the public.

For a $50 donation you’ll receive a TreeHouse Farm t-shirt

Everything we grow at the Treehouse Farm is given freely to patients. Know that you are helping to provide free medication to those in need with your purchase of a Treehouse Farm t-Shirt.

With a $750 donation you will receive a five day stay at our Treehouse Farm.

Also see listing on Bud and Breakfast and first right of refusal on one of 6, one acre growing parcels starting at $300 a month as described in the Sample Lease. Once on link you will also see plot map description of the property . This offer is limited to the 6 parcels.