Treehouse Farm

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Relax, Park Your Tiny Home

Example Model Home


Seeing the Forest Through the Trees

Spaces within the Native Ohia forest may look similar but they are not. Sun light, prevailing trade winds, night sky and unique characteristics of the lava define each space. The native flora and fauna are preserved. We will do the same for the custom space we create for your dream tiny home. We have designers and custom home builders with tiny home building experience.

“I’ve never felt this connected to everything around me… I feel connected with me.” -Melanie, treehouse guest

The result of good design is a feeling of oneness with nature. You may not feel it right away. But as soon as you begin to see through the trees the feeling is unmistakable.

Our landscape design practice removes the traditional separation created by most land development. By preserving the best of each area within the forest we are humanizing environments for habitation. This helps ensure your dream home design fits into the native environment. 

You may notice from the sample models below that homes are most often built off site and moved into position by truck and trailer. Others can be built on site with oversized decks, rock gardens, greenhouses and covered parking. We have customization options to meet your needs for parking your tiny home.