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Cannabis Cooperative on Moku o Keawe in Wao o Kele

New Patients


Need a place to grow? We provide cannabis growing and compliance services for state licensed patients in Hawaii’s Medical Cannabis Program. We will help you grow your own medicine.

How Does It Work?

  1. Let us know you’re interested. Fill out the form below. We can meet at your liesure.
  2. Already have a 329 license? You’ll need to update your application online with our grow site address.
  3. Need a license?
    • Set appointment to get a medical recommendation.
      We can refer you to a Doctor/Nurse in your area or that you can visit online.
    • Fill out online application (Video tutorial below – Additional resources).
      Your doctor can provide this as a service or we will help you. You’ll need a photo of your valid, state issued ID card. You’ll need to pay the state fee online during the process and identify your grow site address. Contact us for our grow site address or if you need any help with the application.
    • Attend your appointment. Pay the Doctor/Nurse so they can complete the final steps of your online application.
    • Receive an email from the state indicating your license is ready to download. Send us a photo of your new 329 license and the state ID you used on your application.
Watch this instructional video to learn how to complete the In state patient application, then go to

We’re here to help!

  • Program rules and gardening compliance.
  • Access to our seeds and soil.
  • Help in all phases of organic growing.
  • Harvesting, trimming flower to making various forms of whole plant medicine appropriate for you and your requirements.

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