Treehouse Farm

Cannabis Cooperative on Moku o Keawe in Wao o Kele

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this raw land?

Yes. This is a Native Ohia Forest. Under the trees is lush, thick Uluhe Fern growing on lava rock. Some parcels have pre-existing openings to the Sun while others are more dense. Once you’re ready we can can help you create a space in the forest that matches your needs for your privacy and access in your new native forest environment. This requires proper planning to meet your preservation and privacy goals. But the end result allows for easy connection or reconnection with nature.

How big are the individual parcels?

Or you may prefer to be closer your community at a lower cost. We can position you with other tiny trailer houses in the community. You can choose a 1/8 acre lot with neighbors in sight and close to community facilities. 

All sizes are approximate as we work closely with the land to preserve land features, native and endemic plant species. Your lease will provide clearly defined lease boundaries. 

See: Farming on a 1/4 acre

What services are available? 

Planning, design, building, cultivation, processing and more. Services are available for onsite living and growing. Pre-built homes are available off-site for immediate trailering to the property.

How does the process to get started work?

  1. Express your interest by contacting us with your ideas.
  2. Setup a call or onsite meeting at the treehouse.
  3. View our sample lease and fill out a lease application.
  4. Sign a lease agreement.

What does the lease agreement look like?

Standard land lease agreement with appropriate addendums for your needs eg; growing Cannabis, privacy, parcel details. View sample lease.

Is the location off grid?

Yes. If your tiny home is not loo% self-sufficient, we can help you outfit your home with water, energy and sewer needs.

Also see: Setting Up Your Land for Your Tiny House 

What about the volcano?

We are in upper Puna about 10 miles from Volcano National Park. The active lava flow in lower Puna was about 15 miles away. Prevailing trade winds blow the clouds away from our upper Puna and towards the South end of the island.  Between the start of the May 3rd eruption and the time of this writing we experienced two major earthquakes with many smaller earthquakes. Most of the smaller earthquakes go unnoticed. The volcano has since stopped flowing from its source in the National Park. For the first time in a few decades no lava is flowing on Hawaii Island. Skies are clear.  

What are some good examples of tiny houses on trailers?

I don’t work for my house, it works for me.

What are some good examples of 3D printed homes on foundations?

Autonomous Off-the-Grid 3D Printed Smart House

Also check out our model homes page for more ideas for sustainable, off-the-grid living in Hawaii.

Any questions, comments, ideas?