Treehouse Farm

Cannabis Cooperative on Moku o Keawe in Wao o Kele

Cannabis Farm Tours

Photo of Sativa dominant strain, Dragon's Blood Kush growing in a rain forest.

Now providing private Cannabis farm tours at the Treehouse. Visit our medical Cannabis grow site and learn Cannabis cultivation. Private tours by invitation only.

As you might imagine we’ve hosted guests plenty guests since building the treehouse 17 years ago. Friends, family and perfect strangers have met here. We hope to share with you a unique growing environment. Our mission is to inspire more people to design, build and live in harmony with nature.

We had a great time. We got our hands dirty and learned more about the relationship between soil health and medicine. Thank you for sharing your Cannabis garden. We definitely be back next year to see your progress.

Allan from NY

Educational Goals for Treehouse Farm Medical Cannabis Tours
Knowledge exchange and learning time varies by the tour your choose and the time we have with you on the farm. Each Cannabis farm tour is customized based on your needs.

Topics we regularly cover:

  • Seed selection, breeding basics, cloning and propagation for medicinal Cannabis plants.
  • Soil building techniques including; minimal amendments, integrated pest management, indigenous microorganisms, top dressings, compost teas, fermented plant juice, foliar sprays and Korean Natural Farming basics.
  • Cultivation during short (small plants) and long seasons.
  • Lighting, pots, special equipment for growing and harvesting.
  • Harvesting, drying, curing and medicine making.

Privacy and Security

We understand your need for privacy. We’re also private. You expect a certain amount of privacy during your travels and we honor your needs. We take your privacy seriously which is the reason you’ll need a private invitation to attend our tours. We especially want to honor patient privacy rights. You can rest easy knowing your tour of the treehouse and grow site are conducted in a way that does not share any patient health information (PHI). No patient health records are created by our processes.

On site security is provided by resident, alarm, motion detection and camera security. Additional security is available for high profile or at risk guests while on the farm.

Your farm tour will prepare you to grow your own garden or improve your methods. We understand that everyone has a lot to learn about this plant. We welcome knowledge exchanges with our guests that already grow personally or professionally. We’ve learned nearly everything about growing from someone else. Plant and soil biologists, arborists, OG growers in the area have all contributed to the success of our efforts. You likely know something we do not and we honor the opportunity to share ideas.

Our educational goals and outcomes can help anyone learn how to grow Cannabis in difficult environments, naturally.

Let’s meet!
The information your share is private and protected by our privacy policy.