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Measuring 2024 with Dragon’s Web

It’s been a rushed cycle. The main goal this round was to get seeds to product for patients who have been waiting for a coconut oil product. Today is the second, bulk trim/harvest session with an expected yield of just a few ounces.

I’m seeking help in finding a testing facility to learn more about the Dragon’s Web strain. Specifically, it’s progeny, Dragon’s Blood Kush and Charlotte’s Web. I don’t like making assumptions and need some science to back the name, Dragon’s Web.

Also seeking lab testing for minor cannabinoids. Specifically CBDV or Varin. Anecdotally, the side effects seem to indicate an elevated percentage from the CW but I need some real analysis to determine if the next 5 years will be spent like the last of if I will need to find another cross. The last 5 years have been very kind to the plant in this environment and I’m pleased with the climatization to environmental pressures. But now it’s time for medical science. Please shoot me a note using the form below the gallery if you have any recommendations.