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Cannabis Cooperative on Moku o Keawe in Wao o Kele

Mahalo Hawaiian Ethos

Hawaii Ethos Cannabis Dispensary logo

We so appreciate the dispensaries that reach deep into our local Cannabis communities with support and acknowledgement. In connecting with growers they reach patients in unique ways. All licensed growers in Hawaii are technically patients, for example.

We don’t rely on Cannabis sales to pay our bills. Not many people ever see our plants. We grow strains that treat the symptomology of the patients we serve. Ultimately we’re able to experiment and share on a level that’s comfortable for us but it can be boring. Especially with so many incredible strains and growers. But we did find a certain beauty in our seeded buds that caused us to pause and want to share.

We knew Hawaiian Ethos were publishing posts about local patients and growers so we reached out to Hawaiian Ethos. They responded with a photo essay on Instagram.

We also want to give thanks to Shanley Apele of @felicity.hawaii and Allison of Grace Flowers. Concepts and photography by Chris Sandy @hawaiianethos.