Treehouse Farm

Cannabis Cooperative on Moku o Keawe in Wao o Kele

Cannabis-friendly Visits

A Great Cannabis + Treehouse Experience

We know your time off can be a rare commodity. Your Cannabis friendly visit will be worth your time and money. We will do our best to make your stay memorable, safe and fun. Our goal is to create a short list of guests that want to return each year. We do our best to continually make improvements and provide a clean and safe space for you to enjoy. We’re building an Ohana of 420-friendly folks like you and we’re most comfortable when our guests feel like family. We want to be the best destination possible for you.

What to Expect

You will be greeted our front upon arrival. We’ll take a moment to introduce you to the forest. We’ll say a quick blessing and ask for your happiness and protection during your stay. We’ll take the trail to the treehouse and get you oriented inside and outside. We’ll take time to listen and understand your reason for visiting and we’ll use this information to improve your stay. More details can be found on the website through which you booked your stay.

Local Guidance

You may already have books, apps, maps and suggestions from friends and family. These insights likely helped you plan your trip. If we can be helpful by answering your questions we will do so. We can further help you in unique ways. We’ve been here for more than twenty years. Living on Hawaii Island has nuances we want to help you navigate. We can help with places, names and cultural insights. With advance notice and some additional fees we can move from concierge to full-blown tour guide on adventures few get to experience.

Secure Environment

Our remote location provides a certain level of security. During your stay, help is always available to help you secure your belongings. A first-aid kit is available and I have basic first-aid training. Sun tan lotion and a little aloe is the most help our guests have needed. But we’re ready to help in the event of an emergency. Additional emergency contacts are posted inside the house by the front door.

Clean Environment

The treehouse is embedded in a rain forest and requires a lot of maintenance to blend the outside biological environment people seek with the need for clean spaces. We avoid chemicals, solvents and basically anything that causes harm to plants. We ask guests to not flush or rinse anything down our drains that isn’t healthy for the environment.

Invasive Species

Invasive creatures, plants and especially fire ants do the most harm to our environment. We are Fire Ant-free and hope you can help us keep it that way. Fire Ant experts have demonstrated the damage being done to our environment. Aside from painful interactions for humans, pets are being attacked and going blind and native birds are losing their nests. But one of the worst side effects is the poison being used to control fire ants. We seek your help to avoid the devastation. Please be mindful of the places you visit. If you get bitten, please let us know. We can help you identify and remove fire ants from your clothing and gear. Please check anything that you take into an area known to have fire ants. We want to stop them before they arrive in the forest. The forest is also under threat from Rapid Ohia Death. This tree fungus is being spread between forests at an alarming rate. Our island has the largest stand of Native Ohia forests in the state. The treehouse is in the second largest Native Ohia forest and home to much of our district’s water supply. So if you’re out hiking in other Native Ohia forests, we need you to clean your hiking boots, shoes and anything that comes into contact with a dying Ohia forest. Sorry to be so dramatic but this is the way it works. We either protect our forest or we lose our forest. Please take a moment to learn more about our little red fire ants (FAQ) and Rapid Ohia Death.


A lot of folks read reviews to determine where they might want to stay. We keep exposure to our reviews limited as we’re more concerned with privacy and security than promotion. Most of our guests are repeat visitors or come to us from a repeat guest. If you’re new to the fam and you have an exceptional experience a five star review is helpful at attracting other like-minded guests. We truly hope to see you again in the future.