Treehouse Farm

Cannabis Cooperative on Moku o Keawe in Wao o Kele

Cannabis-friendly Visits

A Safe, Educational and Fun Cannabis Experience in Hawaii

Come and spend the day a the treehouse or drop in for a quick tour of the garden. Choose a timeframe and custom build a tour that’s right for you at Hawaii Cannabis Tours. Most tours are held here at the treehouse but during the Winter months we may visit other farms to best accommodate your needs. Your tour will always provide you with actionable, detailed information to grow your own Cannabis at home. After your tour we will email you notes from your tour so you can take action when you get home. Photography is welcomed.

What to Expect

We meet you out front when you arrive. We’ll take a moment to introduce you to the forest, ask for entrance, and begin learning about the native plants as we walk the trail to the treehouse. Once inside we’ll sit down for a tea and get oriented with the setup. This is a great time to exchange ideas, share your previous experience and ask questions. Next we’ll get into the topics you chose or our regular selections if you did not customize your tour. We’ll learn some topics inside like environmental conditions, compliance, seed selection before heading into the garden to learn about the soil and growing process.

In the garden we’ll check out the plants in their current growing cycle. You have an opportunity to repot a plant, start a new plant, mix soil amendments, germinate seeds and more depending on the time of year and the current growth cycle of the garden.

The learning continues as we take the short walk back to the treehouse to learn about harvesting, curing, processing, and storing. If you’re interested in starting a business we can talk about retail production and distribution, licensing and compliance requirements in your state. Let me know in advance if you would like me to research your state’s Cannabis business regulations.

We hope you’ll reserve a Cannabis garden tour here at the Treehouse Farm.