Treehouse Farm

Cannabis Cooperative on Moku o Keawe in Wao o Kele

Malama I Ka ʻĀina

Your acceptance into this Native Ohia Forest is critically important to us. We do not wish to exist without helping others to connect to this land. Once connected, your heart will compel action. Your mind will understand each of our responsibilities (kuleana) to care for the land (malama i ka aina).

These videos will help you understand our intentions.

Episode 1: Noelani Lee on Aquaculture: Malama Hawaii

Episode 2: Kiai Collier on Habitat Stewardsip: Malama Hawaii

Episode 3: Sam Ohu Gon III on Reforestation: Malama Hawaii

Episode 4: Rick Barboza on Sustainable Farming: Malama Hawaii

Brief version: A New Way to Travel: Malama Hawaii

Our desire to bring back a sustainable Hawaii Island started around 2008. During this awareness shift we created Green Collar Technologies as a way to help educate others. In doing so, we were provided with lessons beyond what we thought possible. This journey continues today through sustainable healthcare programs we launched out of Green Collar Technologies including; the Hawaii Cannabis Organization and the Hawaii Patients Union. We haven’t stopped and we never quit. We will bring back indigenous land and water practices or we will die trying.

When you visit our forest we will care for you. We will guide you through the basics and learn what it is about sustainability that most inspires you. We will help you understand how to create a relationship with the water (wai) and land (aina). Together we will all do our part. You will shed old beliefs and create a connection with this place that lasts forever.

It’s painless, incredibly beneficial in all aspects of your life and core part of every visit to Wao O Kele O Puna.